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GBASO is located at 2351 Holmgren Way, between Epic Event Center and Ashley Furniture.


    Meet the leadership staff at GBASO

    Shane Stout

    Executive Director

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    Dakota White

    Park and Logistics Manager

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    Dakota brings a tremendous amount of experience to GBASO. Dakota is a sponsored skateboarder, operations and instructor that grew up in Radisson Wisconsin. Dakota has been skateboarding in contests all over the country since he was 4 years old. He has had the opportunities to skate some of the biggest contests in skateboarding. He has also worked side by side and trained some of the best up and coming pro skateboarders. Dakota comes back to GBASO as he has had the opportunity to be the former Operations Director. Skateboarding and teaching is his love and passion. Besides skateboarding he also loves snowboarding, basketball, hiking and dog sledding with his huskies. 

    Please take time to welcome Dakota to the team.

    Eric Peters

    Director, Youth Development

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    “My skateboarding journey started in 2016 when my son Isaiah and I started learning how to skate together at GBASO. GBASO was such a welcoming and encouraging place that we caught on quickly and felt right at home. After riding for a  year or so I started to teach others that were just getting started. This led to my role as a skate coach and eventually to the head skate coach position. I enjoy teaching kids who are stepping on their boards for the first time. Witnessing how skateboarding helps kids build confidence and self esteem, one fall at a time, is the most rewarding! I love GBASO because of its inclusivity and how it acts as a safe haven for a lot of kids and adults in our community.

    Life is made of small moments like these.”

    Ali White

    Membership & Staff Management

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    Julie Goerl

    Director, Funding & Philanthropy

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