Our Story

The vision for GBASO originates from our founder, Brian Schroeder. When his twin sons were just 3 years old, he started taking them to skateparks in the Green Bay area, only to discover that the parks were not safe and were closed during the winter months. After attending the skate competition known as “Going Big in the Bay”, Brian made it his mission to construct an indoor skatepark in Green Bay that would be accessible all year round for action sports. 

Despite the lack of funds, the idea of building a new skatepark appeared improbable to many. Nevertheless, Brian pursued his vision and stumbled upon a closed skate camp in Cable, WI. He reached out to the new property owners, who generously agreed to donate all of the skatepark materials to his project. 

Throughout the summer of 2013, a group of volunteers made various trips to Cable, Wisconsin to dismantle the old “Lake Owen” park. The dream was finally becoming a reality…until they encountered a roadblock. They were given a deadline to remove the materials, but had no means of transporting them back to Green Bay and nowhere to store them. Initially disheartened, Brian managed to secure a donation for trucks to move the materials, and a building became available on Ashland Avenue. Thus, the volunteer work continued to create the largest skatepark north of Milwaukee.

On March 15th, 2014, GBASO celebrated its grand opening, welcoming countless action sports enthusiasts through its doors. Throughout the years, GBASO evolved into not just a skatepark, but also a place where everyone felt accepted and like part of a “family”. 

Despite facing doubts and numerous obstacles, Brian never allowed anything to hinder his dream. Unfortunately, on May 20th, 2017, the day following GBASO’s most successful fundraiser to date, Brian began experiencing seizures and was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Brian fought against brain cancer just as fervently as he fought for GBASO. His lengthy battle with brain cancer came to an end on January 27th, 2021, but his dream of GBASO continued in the heart of the community.

Approximately one year following Brian’s passing, the GBASO community received a surprising notification, giving them a period of 60 days to vacate the building. The action sports community leapt into action, and within a year, a new and incredibly improved GBASO facility was established at 2351 Holmgren Way.

At present, GBASO is successfully living its mission and vision, joyfully watching some of the kids that Brian mentored become mentors themselves. The organization has caught the attention of the nation, attracting influential figures throughout the skateboarding community. GBASO is a place where everyone is accepted; no matter your age, what you look like, how you identify, or your riding abilities.

Brian always said, “Function through Fear”. That is exactly what GBASO continues to do.

A very special THANK YOU to Casey Rentmeester of KickTalesGB for your years of dedication to capturing the life of GBASO.
Your passion and talent are truly appreciated. – GBASO Team