Board of Directors

Meet the GBASO Officers, Board of Directors, and Affiliates

Jason Bartanen

GBASO Board President

Director of Industry Relations at Collision Hub

Christine Gunderson

GBASO Board Vice President

Christine is the Director of Talent Retention at the Greater Green Bay Chamber. She has served on the GBASO Board of Directors since October 2021

When asked why she became a board member, Christine said, “GBASO is important to me because I love the magic of Skate Parks and even more, I am deeply committed to strong youth development for our local young people.”

Shea Nimocks

GBASO Board Secretary

Shea is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Appleton Marine. He has served on the GBASO Board of Directors since October 2019.

When asked why he became a board member, Shea said, “GBASO is important to me because it provides kids (and adults) with a welcoming environment for action sports all year round.  It offers a great sense of community and support to everyone.”

Paul Fruzyna

GBASO Board Treasurer

Paul is the Director of IS Americas at Schreiber Foods and Co-Chair of Sturgeon Bay Skatepark. He has served on the GBASO Board of Directors since August 2017.

When asked why GBASO is important to him, Paul said, “I grew up skateboarding and only dreamed of having an organization like this accessible to my friends and me.  It has been amazing seeing the positive impact GBASO has on our youth.  GBASO makes our community a better place and sets up our youth for success by building confidence, learning perseverance, and teaching how to overcome fears.”

Mike Pierce

GBASO Board Member

Owner of Pierce Roofing

Nicole Von Holzen

GBASO Board Member

Co-owner of GNG Technologies Wis.

Matt Hohner

GBASO Board Member

Matt is the Executive Director at the The Volunteer Center of Brown County . He has served on the GBASO Board of Directors since October 2022.

When asked why GBASO is important to him, Matt said, “Since my first experience with GBASO, I knew I needed to get involved at some level. I have been passionate about youth development since before my boys were born. They are now 14 and 11 years old, good students, and avid skaters. I have seen firsthand through their experiences at GBASO how this organization can improve their growth and self-confidence. When they first walked into GBASO four years ago, they were shy and not confident in their skating abilities. Their self-confidence grew within a few minutes of starting their first skate through the instructions and encouragement they received from staff members and other kids in attendance. Seeing how proud they were of their new skills and how they interacted with everyone there, I knew immediately it was the right place for them.”

Tom Barnhart

GBASO Board Member